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Can A Session Of Marisa Peer’s Transformational Hypnotherapy Instantly Give You The Same Mindset As The World’s Happiest Super-Achievers?

Marisa Peer just changed the lives of 400 of our Top Students at A-fest using 30 mins of her Transformational Hypnotherapy system. Now you get to experience the same session completely free, online. Register Below.

Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy

By Marisa Peer


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Marisa Peer was voted best speaker at Awesomeness Fest in Croatia.

Marisa Peer was voted best speaker at Awesomeness Fest in Croatia.

Marisa is known for her work with Royalty, Olympians, Rockstars and Hollywood A-Listers.

Marisa is known for her work with Royalty, Olympians, Rockstars and Hollywood A-Listers.

In this Masterclass with Marisa Peer:

  • You will learn the key difference between 99% of the population and the 1% that are super performers — Olympians, Hollywood Stars, Two Royal Families and A-List actors and actresses. The answer will surprise you…
  • Marisa has identified 8 unique Mental Thought Models that this 1% has. We’ll go deep into ONE of these models and you’ll experience a massive awakening in this particular area of your life.
    How? She’ll guide you through an Instant Transformation with her powerful and effective Transformation Hypnotherapy Session. Please do not listen when driving. You need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
  • You will feel results immediately when you wake up the next day. This is a “Model of the World” Shift. Meaning the type of transformation that leads you to ‘waking up’ and viewing the world in a different way. Marisa is known for healing patients with ONE session rather than making them come back over and over again. Note: We CANNOT guarantee how long the feelings with last. But for many people it leaves a powerful new mark on their lives as they see the world in a unique new way.
  • Expand your Vision for yourself (stop settling) as Marisa explains how to lead an uncompromised life — a life where you enjoy success, abundance and freedom without having to wait for years… and why your total breakthrough in all areas of life is just eight transformations away.
  • Understand the REAL key to breakthrough in any — ANY — area of your life… this makes changing your results and transforming your life as easy as changing outfits. Clue: It has to do with removing voids that we take within ourselves as children (mostly due to suppression of love).

And much, much more…

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Marisa Peer was once told that she’d never become anything more than just a nanny. Because she didn’t have what it took to be successful. She wasn’t smart enough. She wasn’t confident enough. She wasn’t talented enough. Marissa defied her critics. Rather than become a nanny, she went on to become the United Kingdom’s #1 coach (She was named Britain’s best therapist by Tatler magazine.) All through the power of Transformational Hypnotherapy, a science of turning ordinary people into extraordinary individuals within one of two sessions.

Today, Marisa Peer is known as a coach to an extensive client list over the past 25 years including royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs of multibillion dollar companies and political leaders. Through her work, Marisa has discovered that there are eight unique Mental Thought Models that the top 1% of super-achievers in the world possess. But 99% of the population lack at least one of them.

In this Masterclass, we’re going to go deep into one such model and give you a transformational hypnotherapy session that will implant this model in your consciousness. Marisa conducted this session at A-Fest to incredible reviews and was voted the best speaker because of the shifts this particular session had induced in people.

You can now experience that session online during this Masterclass.

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What Experts Say About Marisa Peer

“She not only changed my life — she actually saved it”

“Marisa Peer is an absolute marvel! She not only changed my life – she actually saved it. Within two weeks of having just one session with her, I stopped smoking and drinking for good and developed a completely different attitude to food.”

Molly Parkin
Writer and renowned artist
“Marisa’s work is profoundly effective”

“Marisa’s work is profoundly effective. She gets to the root of (the issue) and liberates you from it’s vice-like grip.”

British Music Icon
“Lost over 100 pounds”

“I know that without your help and guidance I would never have achieved my weight loss of over 100 pounds or been able to maintain it. What you did for me is nothing short of miraculous. I owe you my life thank you.”

Jeff Rudom
Actor and Professional Basketball Player
“Hugely powerful resource in my life”

“Every time I take on a new project or face a particular challenge in life, I seek Marisa Peer’s extraordinarily effective therapy. Marisa’s therapeutic work and counsel is a hugely powerful resource in my life for which I am eternally grateful.”

Gerry Cott
Co-founder of the Boomtown Rats
“You have my eternal gratitude for saving my life”

“Marisa Peer has an extraordinary skill at getting people to change. since she worked with me my life and my footballing skills have changed dramatically and for the better.”

Jason Roberts
Premier League Football Player
“Inspired by marisa work”

“I was inspired by marisa work an easy style and the way she mixes facts with language with emotions with hypnosis, she works on so many levels all very skillful and beautifully executed.”

Joanna Jesson
Chairman of the academy for chief executives.